About Me

     I studied art in Southern California where I received a BA in Art Media and Animation.  I moved back to my home in Oregon to be a freelance artist doing what I loved.  

     For four years, I worked as a landscaper to pay the bills. During my free time, I would immerse myself into my art and improve my portfolio.  I decided I had to BE an artist so I showed my work locally in art shows.  

I meet several clients and soon became busy with freelance work.  

After two long years of hard work, I refocused my portfolio to conceptual design for the entertainment industry.  I began a personal project based on Dante's Inferno which enveloped the next year of my life.  

Through this project, I developed a portfolio that got me accepted into Art Center.  But I felt called to stay in Oregon and pursue my career near family and friends.  That's when me and my brother started our own business developing mobile gaming apps that you can see here and here.

Through that busy time,  Sony invited me into their studio to check out their projects.  I was then offered a position as an Associates Concept Artist. 

Work hard and never give up on your dreams.  You never know whats around the corner.  

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