Thursday, June 27, 2013

Recommended Reading

    The summers are amazing here in Bend, Oregon along with all the beer festivals and crazy shenanigans that follow.  The beginning of summer is always incredibly busy for me since I landscape for a living.  Hopefully I can post new work when I get more free time. 

  As I do my day job.I listen to books for inspiration for future art projects.  I wanted to share several with you that I've read this year.  

    For history, check out Jacob Abbott’s work.  I've read them all and their simple texts makes it easy to follow and gives the reader a good understanding of those times.  

Alexander the Great [Really, really good]  
History of Julius Caesar
William the Conqueror
Peter the Great
Richard III
Queen Elizabeth
Charles 1
Mary Queen of Scots
Richard 1

The Pirates of Panama
By Alexandre Exquemelin

The life of Charlotte Bronte
By Elizibeth Cleghorn Gaskel
I only recommend this book for serious readers only.  You gain much understanding of the people of those days and learn to admire the vast intellectual power of the Bronte Sisters.  I especially recommend this book for young students who wish to learn the arts of writing and how good articulate expression with letters can be a most powerful tool.  

By Ernest Shackleton

A Tramp Abroad
By Mark Twain
Perfect traveling book.  

The Island of Dr. Moreau
H.G. Wells
My favorite Well’s novel.  Incredibly scary when you think of all the current science we now have.  Awesome read.  

The War of the Worlds
By H.G. Wells
Again, Wells has a very strange and unique way of bringing stories to life.  His articulate descriptions of social destruction sucks you in.

The World Set Free
By H.G. Wells
Really heavy stuff.  I dare you.  

The Invisible man
H.G. Wells

The Odyssey
By Homer
I never could get into the Iliade but I got to say this book is great.

Jane Eyre
By Charlotte Bronte
One of my favorites.  You rarely find a novel so packed with such variety.  

The Story of My Life
By Helen Keller
And she can write too!  one of the most courageous women that lived.  An amazing story.  

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